A bridge to somewhere not nowhere -

Posted 19 November

The power of your brand – a full time commitment and don’t blow it by burning bridges!

With the rise of social media as a platform to build one’s personal brand, sometimes it can be forgotten that the process of developing a personal brand is a much bigger...read more

What HR Want – Updated 2014 -

Posted 27 October


In 2011 deliberatepractice set out to discover what HR professionals truly valued. To find answers to these questions deliberatepractice surveyed senior HR professionals from a wide range of industry sectors. The survey sought feedback on teams, coaching, psychometrics, the role...read more

Project Management has been practiced informally for years, with many of us finding ourselves acting as ‘Project Manager’ at some point during our career.
We have seen Project Management formalise and become a distinct profession in its own right, with accreditation or formal qualifications often sought by employers for candidates to be considered for...read more

WorkInterviews are opportunities for mutual exchanges of information, where candidates are also interviewing the interviewer. They are not just about an employer making a decision and selecting from among several options. Candidates are also selecting and deciding whether the...read more

BlessingWhite’s 2014 report highlights the changing nature of careers and how they are not static but rather fluid.  They argue the importance of being nimble and planning on an individual and organisational level, along with the need to deploy a comprehensive career strategy.  The report challenges the notion that the traditional career is not...read more

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