We often talk about the potential costs of a bad hire and over recent weeks we have also observed the ramifications of resume fraud.

Resume fraud can include explicit transgressions such as a falsified work history and qualifications or it can take a more subtle form, by way of...read more

Aberdeen Group’s latest research report published in June 2014 titled, “Can You Drive Employee Experience and Engagement through Self-Service” examines the connection between HR ‘self-service’ delivery tools and employee satisfaction and engagement. The study revealed that 80% of the organisations surveyed believe HR service delivery is important to employee satisfaction and engagement. Half think...read more

Some people seem to succeed in spite of their capability.  Witnessing this can cause some to ask ‘Why them and not me?’.  The answer may be found when the level of self confidence, self belief and self worth within the successful person is recognised.
A recent article written by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman...read more

What do you stand for? -

Posted 29 May

ChangeSo often we hear about the importance of an organisation’s values and rightly so! After all, values guide and provide a metaphorical ruler for what we do and, importantly, how we do it.

What about our personal values? We all have...read more

SeeWith many businesses trying to significantly reduce recruitment costs via a direct to market recruitment strategy, it is worthwhile reflecting on the value a recruitment partner can deliver.  Today’s labour market dynamics present a window of opportunity for organisations...read more

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