A significant birthday -

Posted 11 March

March heralds our 5 year old birthday! deliberatepractice was launched in March 2010. Planning had begun in the winter of 2009 with the world still reeling from the GFC. The founders believed...read more

Life is full of frequent changes – changes that we welcome, and changes that are inconvenient or even catastrophic.  However, there is a difference between changes and transitions.  S. Quick, R.J. Fetsch and M. Rupured of Colarado State University describe it like this:  “Change is situational; transition is...read more

Aberdeen Group mount an interesting and compelling argument supported with relevant data, to advocate the merits of comprehensive workforce planning in their report titled, “Bottom Line Reasons For A Total Workforce Management Strategy” published in December 2014.

Overall, Aberdeen Group’s report highlights:

  • ‘44% of all the organisations studied cited a need for better control of their...read more

Are you Satisfied? -

Posted 1 December

See2014 is drawing to a close and it is a time when some may be asking how satisfied they are with their careers? While the GFC may be long behind us chronologically, the labour market is yet to fully recover....read more

A bridge to somewhere not nowhere -

Posted 19 November

ChangeThe power of your brand – a full time commitment and don’t blow it by burning bridges!
With the rise of social media as a platform to build one’s personal brand, sometimes it can be forgotten that the process...read more

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