Interviews are opportunities for mutual exchanges of information, where candidates are also interviewing the interviewer. They are not just about an employer making a decision and selecting from among several options. Candidates are also selecting and deciding whether the employer is right for them. There is a more

BlessingWhite’s 2014 report highlights the changing nature of careers and how they are not static but rather fluid.  They argue the importance of being nimble and planning on an individual and organisational level, along with the need to deploy a comprehensive career strategy.  The report challenges the notion that the traditional career is more

Beyond The Experience Trap -

Posted 13 August

SeeGraduates and younger job seekers often remark, with a tone of dismay and frustration, “how do I get experience if employers won’t give me a go?”  This is an excellent question which has been asked for decades and more


We often talk about the potential costs of a bad hire and over recent weeks we have also observed the ramifications of resume fraud.

Resume fraud can include explicit transgressions such as a falsified work history and qualifications or more

Aberdeen Group’s latest research report published in June 2014 titled, “Can You Drive Employee Experience and Engagement through Self-Service” examines the connection between HR ‘self-service’ delivery tools and employee satisfaction and engagement. The study revealed that 80% of the organisations surveyed believe HR service delivery is important to employee satisfaction and engagement. Half more

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