Life is full of frequent changes – changes that we welcome, and changes that are inconvenient or even catastrophic.  However, there is a difference between changes and transitions.  S. Quick, R.J. Fetsch and M. Rupured of Colarado State University describe it like this:  “Change is situational; transition more

Aberdeen Group mount an interesting and compelling argument supported with relevant data, to advocate the merits of comprehensive workforce planning in their report titled, “Bottom Line Reasons For A Total Workforce Management Strategy” published in December 2014.

Overall, Aberdeen Group’s report highlights:

  • ‘44% of all the organisations studied cited a need for better control of more

Are you Satisfied? -

Posted 1 December

See2014 is drawing to a close and it is a time when some may be asking how satisfied they are with their careers? While the GFC may be long behind us chronologically, the labour market is yet to fully more

A bridge to somewhere not nowhere -

Posted 19 November

ChangeThe power of your brand – a full time commitment and don’t blow it by burning bridges!
With the rise of social media as a platform to build one’s personal brand, sometimes it can be forgotten that the more

What HR Want – Updated 2014 -

Posted 27 October


In 2011 deliberatepractice set out to discover what HR professionals truly valued. To find answers to these questions deliberatepractice surveyed senior HR professionals from a wide range of industry sectors. The survey sought feedback on teams, coaching, psychometrics, the more

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